Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!

Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!
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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Low Profile Series 1.0

So, here's the first part of the Low-Profile Series. The Series is going to cover almost all the genres and this series will continue in the main course of the projects coming up next. Now these guys are really talented but seriously underrated. That's sad.

The DayLights
1- Someone Like You - SafetySuit
2- Moving Backwards - Ben Rector
3- Honeypie - The Weepies
4- Suburban Bliss - Edith Backlund
5- Twenty Years - Augustana
6- There's a Reason - AA Bondy
7- On The 54 - The Dandelions
8- Cats in Heat - The Honorary Title
9- Stay Away - The Honorary Title
10- The Moment - SafetySuit
11- The Mess I Made - Parachute
12- Blame It On Me - Parachute
13- The Look - Color of Clouds
14- Human - Civil Twilight
15- Feeling a Moment - Feeder
16- What's Your Number? - Cypress Hill
17- These Arms - Matt Costa
18- Brown Eyes - Andy Davis
19- Timing Is Just Isn't Your Thing - Red Car Wire
20- Fall - Windsor Drive
21- On Time - The Disco Biscuits
22- Walk Into The Sun - Dirty Vegas
23- Take My Hand - Shawn McDonald
24 - Gravity - Shawn McDonald
25- Here I Am - Shawn McDonald
26- Outsider - The Daylights
27- Little Girl - The Daylights
28- 3 Rounds A Sound - Blind Pilot 
29- First Train Home - Immogen Heap
30- All I Want - Kate Earl
31- Canvas - Immogen Heap
32- Push Your Head Towards The Air - Editors
33- Song For A Sleeping Girl - Devics
34- Naive - The Kooks
35 - Roll Over Me - The Autumn Film
36- Into Your Arms - The Maine
37- I Must Be Dreaming - The Maine
To Be Continued....
The Low Profile Series 1.1 (COMING SOON)

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