Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!

Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!
Virtuoso Junction is the platform for music lovers and musicians to connect, share, talk, explore and promote Music. We all know, there are a lot of awesome low-profile bands out there which need to be recognized. Blog about your favorite Band, Musician and post any question related to Music. This is where you'll find the right song, for the right mood. Feeling down? Need songs for an upcoming Dance party? Need songs you need to play in the gym when you're working out? Need to expand your Music library? Need a background theme song for the movie you're editing? You'll get the list of the endless possibilities and songs here. We work really hard in compiling songs and artists. Choosing songs of the month and aim a really big future for Virtuoso Junction. As things progress, our viewers will see a lot of changes and improvements. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Song Recommendation For #Suits by @EimanHussain

Dear Gavin Barclay,
               You stated that you were busy and did not promise to keep up with recommendations I give for suits in the music area. I decided to write a post on my blog so that you can go through this all at once or can come back again if you wish to do so, it's hard to recommend good songs on Twitter, after all just like you said 'great minds think alike' I hope you love these musical suggestions. Even though I'm so honored that the Co-Producer of the show himself has tweeted back at me. I have seen almost all the TV Series from every channel but no show is as diverse, funny, interesting, incredibly witty and illegally addictive as Suits. However, It's not only the storyline and the characters, for me the music is also a big catchy part about Suits. The music taste I have suits the TV Series. Here are the best recs for you to listen to plus with description so you can also understand the reason behind the rec, this is what my blog is all about. It would be a dream come true if a song I SUGGESTED was played on Suits. I'd literally ceremoniously celebrate it.

This first song is by Gary Clark Jr. The reason why I think this is going to fit in with suits like a piece of jigsaw puzzle because he refers to New York a lot in his lyrics like 'Woke Up In New York City Lights'. And has a Jimmy Hendrix touch to it. Amazing groove and fits perfectly for night helicopter shots of New York in Suits or can fit wherever you think it does.

This one is Cissy Strut by The Meters. This song can be fitted ANYWHERE in the episode of Suits. It's an instrumental and somehow resembles  the separate tunes that were created for Suits. Funky guitar riff and a beat that can cope up with any scene. Whether it's a tiny montage of helicopter shots of New York or Harvey and Mike talking in Harvey's office.

This song is Take It With A Kiss by The Pistolas. I imagined this song to play IMMEDIATELY when Mike's memory is tested or when it's just another moment when someone says something and Harvey/Mike suddenly have that genius idea about solving their case. Just how Donna said 'Maybe that's who he is' and Mike laughed when it hit him 'Wait, that's it! People are who they are! I can fix this!'. Or scenes like in the pilot episode, when Louis says 'I planted a fake employee to manipulate the associate' and Harvey gets his genius idea to fix his pro bono case.

This song is Vagabond by Greenskpeers. This song has an amazing tune for Suits. The starting beat, not much but the riff that starts on the guitar. That's just perfect if there is a scene upcoming in any of the episodes on Season 2 that matches. The lyrics also kind of match for Harvey's situation in the lawsuit.

This is Six Blade Knife by Dire Straits. This is a soft but a really badass song for Harvey or Louis or Mike or Jessica. 

Whenever I play this song I imagine Donna becoming reinstated in her job then there's an awesome slow motion shot of Harvey coming out of his office. Donna handing him his morning coffee with their 'GLAD TO BE BACK' smiles on their faces. Donna hands him his case files and his Music CD just like in Season 1. But this song can fit in any positive situation. Song is Boom Boom Bang Bang by Todd and the Monsters.
I'm only talking about this from 2:18 onwards. This one's for the quite, emotional and conversation moments. When Jessica is sitting in her sofa at the end of the day, at night. With her tea setup or something like that. And Harvey comes in after winning a case. Anything serious or moving. But only the Jazzy part of 2:18 onwards in the song. This song is Sleepy Meadows of Buxton by Fenomenon.

Last but not the least. What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club. This song can also fit any fast paced, quick wit scene in Suits.

I hope you liked them and tweet me your feed back about songs I believe could really blend in with the TV Series. I'm doing this out of the incredible love I have for the show.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Song Of The Month (June 2012)

We're back with a head-nodding riff and a new theme to the blog! I have revised my playlists, found new songs and undercover/underground music! Today with the grand re-opening of the blog I have been impatiently waiting to share this amazing blues musician from Melbourne, Australia. Ash Grunwald who has gained immense popularity through his soundtracks, live performances and gigs at festivals. Especially, from this song which was featured on Limitless(Starring: Bradley Cooper). This is completely fresh yet has a vintage feel to it. The drums sound like it's 1970 again. A brilliant composition and a blend of Indie+Blues. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Beautiful 90’s – Part 2

With the last 90’s post, some people said that the music I shared was too well known. Well, in order to counter this, I will post some other lesser known songs. So, without further ado,I bring to you the Part 2 of my take on the 90’s good music.


I Can’t Be With You – The Cranberries. A beautiful song. Dolores O’Riordan’s voice is just magical.


Anthem For The Year 2000 – Silverchair. An Australian friend of mine introduced me to this band a few years back. Although they used to be the preferred band for Australia’s young rebels during the 90’s, they turned pop and whiny in their recent years. Anyways, this song was very political as it was released around the Australian elections. But the important thing is that it’s an awesome song and that Daniel John’s voice rules here.


The Warmth – Incubus. During the closing years of the 90’s, Incubus came up with this song which is extremely epic due to the atmosphere. Here, listen to it yourself.


Colorblind – Counting Crows. On the Soundtrack for the 1999 movie, Cruel Intentions, this song got extremely famous. It’s good, sounds a bit sad though.


Do Re Mi – Nirvana. Yes, I know you don’t want no more Nirvana. But I assure you, those who haven’t got With The Lights Out boxset wouldn’t have heard this song. And it’s epic beyond measure. Amateur recording, I know, but you’ll get what’s so epic about this song.


Keep tuned for more great music!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Low Profile List 1.3 (Genre: Club Music)

This baby right here can shake the whole building
The most popular genre around these days. The hard-hitting, vibrating and pounding bass has its own charm, indeed. Makes you move to the beat and can convert any individual into a dancing behemoth. There are artists who are top of the line in this sector, popular, rich and with a lot of face value. While there are some who're still climbing up the ladder, scratching behind their turntables or working on their projects in their own private home studios or maybe working secluded. Appreciating their work in anticipation. Here are the listings for this particular genre, I have compiled for quite some time and will continue to revise this genre in the not so distant future. Shake it!

Down by Breathe Carolina (Jay Sean's Cover). Well, these guys improvised on Jay Sean's popular song. In my opinion, a dance night would be incomplete if you don't plug this in those big monster output speakers.

Mad by Hadouken. Oh boy! I'd need electric socks for this! If you put this up in the middle of a crazy dance floor. Every individual on it will literally dance like its apocalypse in a few minutes. That electric guitar strum just pours all the colors in this track.

Freeway by Flipside. I won't be surprised if you agree with me that this track makes you move from side to side.

Bad Men by Crookers Feat. Solo. Excellent feel of this track.

Boxer by Crookers Feat. Nic Sarno. You'll need a HUGE bass support for this song. If played with the proper equipment, its going to make your heart beat louder.

Find Out by Aceyalone. Sizzling Hi-Hat notes and a very, very catchy beat.

Testarossa Autodrive by Kavinsky (Sebastian Remix). The perfect club song.

Working Together by Gonzalez (Remixed). Get those dancing shoes on!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Tribute To The August Name

An Alternative Rock band, originating from St. Petersburg, Florida is a blend of 5 virtuosos who're gradually paving their way to success. As far as I foresight them, the white light at the end of their tunnel is not that far. I stumbled across their Facebook page and discovered their Music. Excellent compositions with blasting drums by Evander Lipps and quick, catchy sizzling guitar riffs by Dacian Miron and Rick Chadwell. I even shared their music with my blog followers and they loved the feel and depth of their songs. Their song "Karma Suits You" reminds me of my school life, propels me down memory lane. Out of all the bands I adore, the most awesome thing about The August Name is that these guys are approachable, for fans, especially ones like me.  You can write on their wall and they ALWAYS give you their feedback. They sure do love their fans as much as I love their music and so does everyone else. I cannot wait to hear more of their work or perhaps a new album they're probably working on. So here's a fragment of their superb, virtuous music. You can join their Facebook page. Just simply click this link (http://www.facebook.com/TheAugustName)
Karma Suits You. I love this song's starting and Evander's tom-tom play. I start banging my head automatically.

The Summer Catch. Perfection.
Eleven Minutes. Love

Industrial Revolution Ruined Swordfighting.

Lions Roar Tigers Bite.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jimmy Wahlsteen: A Prime Virtuoso

One of the most beautiful acoustic tracks I've ever heard. Jimmy Wahlsteen, supported by www.candyrat.com is absolutely a prime virtuoso. The way he plucks, manipulates and strums his strings is out of this world. However, it is sad that such talent on this globe is not being recognized and published properly. Shifts of Attention' is a soft, peaceful song. It may seem complicated but let's not go into the technicalities, shall we? Enjoy the awesome tune. Love his gloves though.

'Rapid Eye Moment' brings in the vivid colors of depth and tremendous virtuosity. The way he plucks his strings in this performance is superb. All stars! 

'181st Song', is another blow to your stimulated ears as Jimmy(s) sit back in a train and play their respective instruments, one by one, blending all the strings to produce a melodious mixture. 
We all need to follow, motivate and love artists like these. Musicians like Jimmy don't come around so often, guys. That's a part of the Virtuoso Junction's manifesto.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Beautiful 90’s – Part 1

90’s, along with the 80’s, is considered music’s golden era. There were some bands which made memorable music still listened to by today. The most interesting thing about 90’s was it’s variety. From pop to country, from grunge rock to rap, the 90’s had something for everyone.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. This song is the identity of the grunge scene. It’s a song that defines a genre and believe me, these songs don’t come around often. It’s a beautiful, beautiful song and dare I say, the best from the 90’s.

Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins. The first song I ever heard by Smashing Pumpkins. Used to spend hours just listening to this song on repeat. Billy Corgan’s voice is irreplaceable.

Even Flow - Pearl Jam. My uncle (who introduced me to Nirvana and Western Music in general) loves this band. Although I didn’t like their songs at first, I eventually grew to like them a lot. Eddie Vedder is a genius.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight? by Elton John. Does he need any introduction? Anyways, this song was the soundtrack to the Lion King movie (the best thing Disney ever made, compared to today) and shows Mr. John’s genius right off the bat. This song is an example for all trying to make a soft love ballad.

Frozen by Madonna. Amidst all the controversy surrounding the music video, which is super creepy, one does not realize how great the song is. It’s a gem of a song.

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely by Backstreet Boys. I remember this song playing on my brother’s tape recorder when I was six or seven. He used to love this song. Backstreet Boys were one of the 90’s most successful boy bands.
 Nirvana,_Band                 lel4dbjftmmtel4m

Friday, June 3, 2011

Song Of The Month June '11

Black Tables by Other Lives. One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Has a very gloomy, lounge feeling to it with a a lot of depth. If you want to spice it up, play the 'Rainy Mood' video right under this video box. Play both of these videos simultaneously to double the powerful effect.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tribute To The Daylights

If I recall, going back 2-3 years from now. I stumbled across a song that would buzz in my mind the whole day when I used to be 'The Sims 2' fanatic. Playing it all day, all night long. There was a song that featured in the in-game stereo that would always catch my ear and I would hum to it. Got used to it. Found the name in the settings. A song by none other than 'The Daylights', called 'Outsider'. I dug out info about them on the internet and found more songs and it didn't take more than a minute for me to fall in love with their work. Brilliant compositions and meaningful, catchy lyrics. Shared a few songs with my friends and I wasn't surprised with the fact that they loved it too because The Daylights are just too good. Here are one of the best songs I've EVER heard from 'The Daylights' and I hope they keep on working on new stuff because I cannot wait to hear more of them.

Rogue Machine


Black Dove



Wins and Losses

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Song Of The Month (April'11)

Song is by a Pakistani Band. Directed by Aminah Haqq and Ammar Belal for a clothing line.