Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!

Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Low Profile List 1.3 (Genre: Club Music)

This baby right here can shake the whole building
The most popular genre around these days. The hard-hitting, vibrating and pounding bass has its own charm, indeed. Makes you move to the beat and can convert any individual into a dancing behemoth. There are artists who are top of the line in this sector, popular, rich and with a lot of face value. While there are some who're still climbing up the ladder, scratching behind their turntables or working on their projects in their own private home studios or maybe working secluded. Appreciating their work in anticipation. Here are the listings for this particular genre, I have compiled for quite some time and will continue to revise this genre in the not so distant future. Shake it!

Down by Breathe Carolina (Jay Sean's Cover). Well, these guys improvised on Jay Sean's popular song. In my opinion, a dance night would be incomplete if you don't plug this in those big monster output speakers.

Mad by Hadouken. Oh boy! I'd need electric socks for this! If you put this up in the middle of a crazy dance floor. Every individual on it will literally dance like its apocalypse in a few minutes. That electric guitar strum just pours all the colors in this track.

Freeway by Flipside. I won't be surprised if you agree with me that this track makes you move from side to side.

Bad Men by Crookers Feat. Solo. Excellent feel of this track.

Boxer by Crookers Feat. Nic Sarno. You'll need a HUGE bass support for this song. If played with the proper equipment, its going to make your heart beat louder.

Find Out by Aceyalone. Sizzling Hi-Hat notes and a very, very catchy beat.

Testarossa Autodrive by Kavinsky (Sebastian Remix). The perfect club song.

Working Together by Gonzalez (Remixed). Get those dancing shoes on!


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