Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!

Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Beautiful 90’s – Part 2

With the last 90’s post, some people said that the music I shared was too well known. Well, in order to counter this, I will post some other lesser known songs. So, without further ado,I bring to you the Part 2 of my take on the 90’s good music.


I Can’t Be With You – The Cranberries. A beautiful song. Dolores O’Riordan’s voice is just magical.


Anthem For The Year 2000 – Silverchair. An Australian friend of mine introduced me to this band a few years back. Although they used to be the preferred band for Australia’s young rebels during the 90’s, they turned pop and whiny in their recent years. Anyways, this song was very political as it was released around the Australian elections. But the important thing is that it’s an awesome song and that Daniel John’s voice rules here.


The Warmth – Incubus. During the closing years of the 90’s, Incubus came up with this song which is extremely epic due to the atmosphere. Here, listen to it yourself.


Colorblind – Counting Crows. On the Soundtrack for the 1999 movie, Cruel Intentions, this song got extremely famous. It’s good, sounds a bit sad though.


Do Re Mi – Nirvana. Yes, I know you don’t want no more Nirvana. But I assure you, those who haven’t got With The Lights Out boxset wouldn’t have heard this song. And it’s epic beyond measure. Amateur recording, I know, but you’ll get what’s so epic about this song.


Keep tuned for more great music!

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