Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!

Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!
Virtuoso Junction is the platform for music lovers and musicians to connect, share, talk, explore and promote Music. We all know, there are a lot of awesome low-profile bands out there which need to be recognized. Blog about your favorite Band, Musician and post any question related to Music. This is where you'll find the right song, for the right mood. Feeling down? Need songs for an upcoming Dance party? Need songs you need to play in the gym when you're working out? Need to expand your Music library? Need a background theme song for the movie you're editing? You'll get the list of the endless possibilities and songs here. We work really hard in compiling songs and artists. Choosing songs of the month and aim a really big future for Virtuoso Junction. As things progress, our viewers will see a lot of changes and improvements. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jimmy Wahlsteen: A Prime Virtuoso

One of the most beautiful acoustic tracks I've ever heard. Jimmy Wahlsteen, supported by www.candyrat.com is absolutely a prime virtuoso. The way he plucks, manipulates and strums his strings is out of this world. However, it is sad that such talent on this globe is not being recognized and published properly. Shifts of Attention' is a soft, peaceful song. It may seem complicated but let's not go into the technicalities, shall we? Enjoy the awesome tune. Love his gloves though.

'Rapid Eye Moment' brings in the vivid colors of depth and tremendous virtuosity. The way he plucks his strings in this performance is superb. All stars! 

'181st Song', is another blow to your stimulated ears as Jimmy(s) sit back in a train and play their respective instruments, one by one, blending all the strings to produce a melodious mixture. 
We all need to follow, motivate and love artists like these. Musicians like Jimmy don't come around so often, guys. That's a part of the Virtuoso Junction's manifesto.

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