Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!

Welcome to Virtuoso Junction!
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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Tribute To Angels and Airwaves (AvA)

Tom Delonge, David Kennedy, Matt Watcher, Atom Willard.
The Co-Creator Muaz Kayani, a long time ago, got me into this Neo-Progressive/Alternative Rock Supergroup and they ultimately cemented themselves in my iPod. Tom Delonge continues his magical virtuosity with a group of extremely talented musicians after gaining a fat chunk of popularity because of Blink-182 and all that head-nodding Punk Rock. Creating Music that stimulates your brain and mental activity literally. It happens to most of the people who listen to the cheeping sounds, tambourines, pulverizing tom-tom beats, Guitar and Piano effects very, very closely. Try it. I will not compare this epic Supergroup with Blink-182 or +44 because they greatly differ in genre and concept. All the 3 bands have their own charm. Out of all the bands, I'm giving AvA a tribute because it counts in one of my TOP Favorite bands and no other band or musician can overthrow them in my enormous playlist. Here are the BEST AvA has produced so far..
1- Call To Arms
2- Love Like Rockets
3- Hallucinations
4- Breathe
5- The Adventure
6- Secret Crowds
7-Epic Holiday
8- Good Day
9- Everything's Magic
10- Do It For Me Now
11- The Gift
12- The Flight of Apollo
13- Lifeline

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